Julane Lund sings and plays violin, viola, the Norwegian Hardanger fiddle (an eight stringed, highly ornamented instrument), Native American style flutes, Norwegian willow bark flute, harps, piano, companion organ, tenor ukulele, and a number of other instruments.  She has performed a variety of styles of music in Eastern and Western Europe, Canada, and the Russian Republic of Bashkortostan. 


Julane has a master’s degree in Norwegian traditional fiddling from Telemark University College, in Norway, as well as a degree in Norwegian Folk Music from Telemark University College, and a degree in Music Education from Ball State University, in Indiana. Her focus at Ball State was in violin performance, and she studied violin with Neil Weintraub at that school as well as Larry Shapiro at Butler University.  In Norway she learned Hardanger fiddle playing primarily from Vidar Lande, and Terje Kristian Hansen.  She learned Norwegian traditional fiddling for the conventional violin, willow bark flute playing, and jaw harp from Aanon Egeland, and she was taught traditional Norwegian songs by Ragnhild Furholt.  She also studied Norwegian traditional songs in the U.S. with Roy Samuelsen, of Indiana University.  Before her formal schooling Julane learned about fiddling from her Norwegian-American grandfather, Gehart Lund, as well as from other respected Norwegian and American fiddlers. She learned about classical violin, and old American melodies in her home from her paternal grandmother who was a professional pianist and violinist; Una Hazen Beetham.  


Besides her solo work Julane has performed with notable ensembles. In Norway she was a member of the Norwegian folk band, Totak, in Russia she performed with the Bashkirian Folk Instrument Philharmonic, and in Quebec she joined with the Quebecois folk band, Cordaphone. In the U.S. she has played in the Philharmonic Orchestra of Indianapolis as well as performing in ensembles consisting of members of the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra


In 2006 Julane won the Traditional Arts Indiana State Fiddling Contest at the Indiana State Fair, and she has since judged the contest. Also in 2006 she released her first solo CD, called "Looking Back" which is a delightful assortment of Norwegian-American old-time music.  (The CD is available at and through  In 2008 and 2009 she performed with the Celtic ensemble, Alair, played with the country-rock band Red Eye Max, and taught Music Appreciation at Indiana State University.   In 2010 she was the featured performer at “Norway Day” in San Francisco, North America’s largest completely Norwegian festival.  Her music was included on a CD called "That Old Time Norwegian Song and Dance," released by the Vesterheim Norwegian-American Museum.  She also toured the United States as a member of Lingonberry Jam with Goril Ramo Haave, a zither player, singer and guitarist from Norway.  

From 2011-2015 she managed a forum for musicians to perform in Morgan County, Indiana.  Known as Lund's Concert Series, it showcased acoustic musicians of many genres in addition to providing educational workshops. She performed with the prolific Indianapolis-based Irish band, Ennis Clare from 2012-2015. From 2015 onward she has played solo concerts as well as dong collaborations with a variety of other musicians, including roots and Americana music with the Raven Road Band. Her current focus is on solo concerts that incorporate a variety of instruments and interesting musical arrangements that combine Scandinavian, Celtic, Americana and Metis elements with classical and jazz. 


While Julane is sought after to play for festivals and formal concerts, she is also available for house concerts, weddings, business banquets, wine tastings, arts events, parties, and more. In addition, she teaches workshops, classes, and private lessons to youth and adults.